Community Service

How Does 15th Avenue Christian Church Participate In The Local Community?

Habitat For Humanity QC

We joined in 2007 with our local HFH and have raised money to help finance two houses and provide 12-15 workers who worked on the houses or provided and served snacks and lunches for each of the two projects.

Winnie’s Place

This is a shelter for battered women and children. We have provided money, food, clothes, high chairs, strollers, toys, and household needs.

Community Caring Conference

We donate money to this group of community workers who are working to unite the community by getting to know each other and working out neighborhood concerns. Working together in a spirit of caring and cooperation to ultimately improve the quality of life within the community.

Christian Friendliness Food Pantry

We have dedicated members who collect food monthly at church and drop it off at Christian Friendliness, another group who distributes food to the needy.

Meal Site

This meal site is operated by a local church in which many other churches take turns furnishing and preparing food as well as serving an average of 50-70 local people four days a week. We have dedicated members who do our preparing and serving and others who donate funds for the food we serve.

Churches United

This is an association of 138 churches of the Quad Cities which represents 20+ Christian faith traditions. “Rooted in faith, focused on people, dedicated to service”. We donate funds as well as do volunteer work.