• Can we bring our own pastor?

    Yes, if you have your own family pastor or friend, who is licensed in the State of Illinois. Your minister is required to contact our church’s pastor for approval and planning purposes.
  • Do I need to be a member of 15th Ave Christian Church to get married there?

    No, we open our church to non-members as well as members and their families.
  • Can I use my own musician?

    Yes, you may use your own musician, however our Director of Music has the first right of refusal.
  • What is a wedding host?

    A wedding host is a member of the congregation who assists with the needs of the wedding party and families. They are committed to ensure that the ceremony moves in a smooth and timely manner. The number of wedding hosts will be based upon how many people are in your wedding party. Please refer to the “Property and Facility Guidelines” for more information.
  • How many people does the Chapel hold?

    The Chapel seats 25 people comfortably.
  • How many people does the Sanctuary hold?

    The Sanctuary seats 225.
  • Do I have a time restriction to my day?

    We will work with you in making sure you have all of the time you need to prepare for and enjoy your special day while you are at the church. The Fellowship Hall Rental is for a maximum of three hours with doors closing no later than 9:30 pm. The wedding rehearsal is not to exceed 45 min.
  • Can we do the set-up/clean-up ourselves and not use the custodian?

    No. The set-up and clean-up responsibilities are ones that the custodian needs to handle so everything can be put back in place for church on Sunday morning. All weddings are required to pay the custodial fee. There is also additional $50.00 fee if the wedding is over a Holiday Weekend (New Years, Valentine’s Day, Palm Sunday, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.)
  • Can I decorate with candles?

    We have candelabras that you may use, and we also have a Unity Candle stand. We ask that you supply your own dripless candles.
  • Are there any dates typically unavailable?

    We prefer to avoid holiday weekends. You should know that weekends around Easter and Christmas are busy times for the church, so it may be more difficult reserving a date. The earlier you reserve your date, the better!
  • Can my photographer use his/her flash during the ceremony?

    Once the bride and groom are on the chancel, it is the preference of our pastor that there is no flash photography. Some pastors are okay with it, so you will need to check with the pastor who will officiate at your ceremony.
  • Do you offer pre-marital counseling?

    All couples getting married by our pastor are required to participate with them in pre-marital counseling and planning the ceremony portion of their day.
  • Do we need to get our marriage license?

    You are responsible for getting your own marriage license from the county clerk. When you come to the rehearsal, you can bring it with you and give it to the pastor, who will make sure it’s signed, copied and mailed in before it’s due back to the county clerk.
  • If we choose to have our reception at the church, do you allow DJs?

    Unfortunately, our current electric situation does not allow for the equipment that a DJ would bring in. We do have a small PA system in the basement that is available for your use.